Better Late Than Never

Cardano Stake Pool

While our name may sound to you as a joke, we're are dead serious about decentralization of finance, Internet and democratic values!

We have chosen this Stake Pool name only for the Cardano Shelley incentivized testnet as an inside joke, because life is suppose to be fun...

It's our objective for when Shelley gets released to the Cardano mainnet to operate an enterprise-class transaction processing service and use the revenue generated by this initiative to create inovative solutions based on Cardano Distributed Ledger technology a.k.a Cardano Blockchain.

Road to Shelley has been a rocky one, but great science has been published by a top class scientists working alongside IOHK and we appreciate the rigor with which updates to the network have been released. Now it's time for the great Cardano community to give back!

Project Partners

Pool Operator

Infrastructure Provider

Internet Service Provider